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working on a truck and preparing it for harsh conditions
using the wench on a joop to get up a hillside and survival training
all of the survival gear you need and have questions about
prepping on a budget for the survival of your family
parachuting into a desert where a plane crashed and surviving it all
man bartering supplies for the survival of his family in a parking lot
rifle scope keeping watch of a bartering deal for survival
surviving a plane crash with a beach, backpack and ocean
man hunting fish with a spear for survival and food
Ham Radio Survival Guide with walkie talkie in a canoe and fire
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A Step by Step, No B.S. Preparedness Blueprint You Could Use to Easily Master the Critical Skills You Need to Survive Any Disaster Even If You Don’t Have a Clue Where to Start…
If you agree as we do, that survival preparedness is critical when a disaster is barreling towards you like a freight train…
This could be the most important email you read today because… A no-nonsense team of hardcore survivalists have recently banded together to help you create a bulletproof survival strategy… One you could use to ensure your family is protected the next time disaster lands on your doorstep… One that will give you the confidence and peace of mind knowing if all hell breaks loose, the people you care about are safe. These guys are the real deal… With more than four decades of combined experience spent ‘in the trenches’ learning, field-testing and proving real-world strategies, skills and gear that could save your life, they’re more than amply qualified. And they’re building the most comprehensive online survival database ever created for people just like you… Our new Survival Dispatch Insider membership site has something to offer everyone… Whether you’re just getting started and not sure what to do first or… A seasoned veteran looking to bond with a community of likeminded people who’ve ‘been there’ and ‘get it’. Get the full story here. {Insert Affiliate Link} Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside… Monthly Digital Magazine – Each month we drill down into a new survival topic. You get all the critical information you need to hone your knowledge and skills with no fluff or filler and zero B.S. The Building Blocks – An A-Z system for assessing your state of preparedness across 29 different survival categories, to help you quickly determine the next steps to take to improve your survivability and accomplish your goals quickly. Bug Out Bag Blueprint – A complete online course covering 15 different gear categories, providing you with a plan for building out your own customized bag – one designed to help you survive any disaster with confidence. Gear Reviews – In depth and unbiased video reviews of survival products that we have personally field tested, hammered on and abused so you can make gear choices based on the real-world experience of genuine experts. Gear Spotlights – Every now and then we’ll point you to gear that we haven’t personally used, but based on our expertise, may help you enhance your survival preps. How-to Projects – Step by step instructions for a variety of survival projects like, “How to Build a Faraday Box” to protect your critical electronic gear. (One EMP blast without this item could fry all your electronics, so knowing how to protect it is critical to your survival). Checklists – Each monthly digital magazine will be accompanied by a downloadable, printable checklist designed to keep you focused and on-track, so you could rapidly accomplish your prepping goals. Survival Calendar – Simple monthly reminders to help you increase your supplies, maintain your gear and make changes to your preps to be ready for different seasons of the year. Adapting to a rapidly changing natural environment brings new challenges and this handy reference will help keep you on-track. Member Perks – Save potentially hundreds of dollars with exclusive member discounts provided by our ever-growing list of our trusted vendor partners, so you can stay within your budget while you work on your survival preps. I’ve seen enough, let me in! {Insert Affiliate Link} And the amazing part is… You get all this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee… Just $9.95 per month or .33 cents a day. It’s our special introductory ‘Founders Rate’ and it’s only available for a short time. There’s no contract or long-term commitment required – cancel whenever you like. Simple. But hang on a sec because it gets even better… For a short time, you can test-drive everything for 14 days RISK-FREE. No strings… Just say ‘maybe’…. Check us out and see what we’re all about. BUT…don’t wait to do it. We’re going to raise the price soon and we’d hate for you to miss out on this special deal. If you want peace of mind and the confidence of knowing your family will be able to meet any survival challenge head on and… Not only survive, but thrive the next time disaster knocks on your door… You need to check us out. Do it NOW. Here’s a link to get you started {Insert Affiliate Link}
Survive & Thrive,
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