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Storm Season Issue

If the current times in the United States weren’t crazy enough, We now have storm season to contend with. Our Storm Season Insider guide is over 80 pages of valuable content geared towards making sure you know what do in the case of a damaging Hurricane, loss of power for an extended period of time, shortages of drinking water and food. We want you to be armed with as much knowledge as possible so you are ready for anything that gets thrown your way to keep you and your family safe.

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    Issue Highlights

    • Top 10 Required Pre-Storm Items
    • Collecting Weather Intel
    • Communicating when the main lines are down
    • Prepping your home for Hurricanes
    • Surviving Wildfires
    • What to do before a storm hits
    • Navigating Floods

    86 Pages of SOLID weather survival tactics for you and your family

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