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For the first time ever, a group of trusted, respected survival experts… 

People who've been slugging it out in the trenches for years, rigorously field-testing and refining proven, survival strategies…

Want to share all their valuable, hard-earned knowledge with you, so you can thrive during any disaster.

Our new monthly online publication, the Survival Dispatch Insider is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to survive any threat. 

Listen to one of our resident experts Chris Weatherman break it all down for you in the video below…

There’s no fluff, no filler and no nonsense…

And there’s no need to spend hours, days or weeks searching dozens of sites while you struggle to decide who to trust or…

Sort fact from fiction to decide what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll find all the critical information you need to prepare for and survive any disaster right here in one place, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

A Step by Step Survival Plan

The information you’ll find in Survival Dispatch Insider is designed to help you rapidly progress from novice to expert-level survival living in the shortest time possible.

Our experts will help you create a simple, proven, step by step survival blueprint of your own, so you can be confident that should disaster strike, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools you need to protect your loved ones.

There's zero guesswork involved...

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of preparing, so you’ll get on-track fast (even if you haven’t started yet) and make rapid progress toward your goal of becoming totally self-reliant.

And, if you’re a veteran survivalist, you’ll be excited to discover plenty of tips, tricks and strategies you can use to help hone your skillset in your ongoing effort to make improvements in your state of preparedness.

Here's what to expect...

Each month you’ll receive a full-color monthly electronic magazine packed with actionable articles from our experts, complete with video’s, how-to-projects and checklists.

In each issue we delve deeply into a new survival topic or scenario. We break it all down for you so you get the information and strategies you need to prepare, delivered in easy to understand, bite-sized chunks.

You'll learn:

Where to focus your time, energy & money…

You'll learn how to accurately assess your current state of preparedness. 

You’ll discover where your preps are strong, and uncover areas where they need work and, we'll show you exactly what to do next.

How to build out your survival bag for every scenario…

You'll learn how to customize your Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag and Emergency Car Bag based on your skills, physical capabilities, potential threats and location.

You’ll have 100% confidence and peace of mind knowing that whenever disaster strikes, you’ll have the chance to survive that 98% of the rest of the population won’t, whether that means heading out to the wilderness or hunkering down at home.

Determine which gear you could trust with your life… 

Sadly, many gear reviewers in the survival market get free gear and don't always offer an unbiased review. We NEVER recommend anything we haven't thoroughly tested on a regular basis, so you can be confident it won’t fail you no matter how much punishment you put it through.

Here's what's inside:

  • Monthly Digital Magazine – Each edition features a new topic or survival scenario each month. Read them online, download them in PDF format, print them off and add them to your survival library to use as a handy reference guide.

  • The Building Blocks – An A-Z system for assessing your state of preparedness across 29 different survival categories, to help you quickly determine the next steps to take to improve your survivability and accomplish your goals quickly. 

  • Bug Out Bag Blueprint – This online course covers 15 different gear categories and provides you with a plan for building out your own customized bag – one designed to help you survive any disaster with confidence.

  • Gear Reviews – In depth and unbiased video reviews of survival products that we have personally field tested, hammered on and abused so you can make gear choices based on the real-world experience of genuine experts.

  • Gear Spotlights – Every now and then we’ll point you to gear that we haven’t personally used, but based on our expertise, may help you enhance your survival preps.

  • How-to Projects – Step by step instructions for a variety of survival projects like, "How to Build a Faraday Box" to protect your critical electronic gear. (One EMP blast without this item could fry all your electronics, so knowing how to protect it is critical to your survival). 

  • Checklists – Each monthly digital magazine will be accompanied by a downloadable, printable checklist designed to keep you focused and on-track, so you could rapidly accomplish your prepping goals. Survival 

  • Calendar – Simple monthly reminders to help you increase your supplies, maintain your gear and make changes to your preps to be ready for different seasons of the year. Adapting to a rapidly changing natural environment brings new challenges and this handy reference will help keep you on-track.

  • Member Perks – Save potentially hundreds of dollars with exclusive member discounts provided by our ever-growing list of our trusted vendor partners, so you can stay within your budget while you work on your survival preps.

I struggled with where to start in my prepping journey, and the Survival Dispatch Insider brought everything I needed to know about survival into one site. 

-- Michael K.

At first I was a little hesitant to subscribe to a paid service but after I took the plunge I was amazed at the amount of great information on the site. The PDFs are a wealth of knowledge and the calendar makes it simple to keep on top of the myriad of things we all need to keep up with. Chris Weatherman’s Building blocks are filled with so many simple, yet brilliant, ways that I can get started on my prepping. The Survival Dispatch Insider is worth EVERY penny and I’ll gladly support it and look forward to getting prepared… the RIGHT way!

-- Niki C.

So much to think about in the news as well as natural disasters these days. Been looking for a quality resource for awhile and finally Survival Dispatch Insider nailed it! Easily understand and intuitively laid out. I found my resource!

-- Brad H.

Here's what a few people had to say about

the Survival Dispatch Insider:

Let us introduce a few of our survival experts

Alan Kay was born and raised in Georgia, where he spent the majority of his childhood in the forests making shelters with his beloved hatchet. His passion for the woods grew as the years passed, and by the time he was in his 20s, Alan had acquired the skills and mindset necessary to adapt and survive in any environment.

In an effort to increase his understanding of edible and medicinal plants, Alan sought out and studied under a number of knowledgeable elders, all of whom helped to round out his growing skill set.

He also spent time developing proficiency in the combative arts, including barehanded, stick, and knife fighting. Alan is a seven year veteran of law enforcement and has also been trained in tactical medical care.

In 2015, Alan was able to survive for 56 days on Vancouver Island alone and unsupported.

For the past 15 years, Alan has taught survival, preparedness, and self-defense skills. Empowering others with the skills necessary for true self-reliance is his passion.

Chris Weatherman, also known as “Angery American”, is the author of the Survivalist series of books.

The first book in the series, “Going Home" appeared twice on USA Today's Best Sellers list.

To date he has thirteen published works. He also appeared in season one of History Channel’s. 'Alone' series.

Chris has been involved in prepping since the 90’s. He practices primitive skills as well as modern survival techniques that focus on being prepared with the proper equipment.

He travels the country appearing at expos and prepper-focused events to meet with fans, sign books and occasionally speak. In addition to these events his travels also allow him to meet and train with people all over the country. 

You can find him on Facebook at ‘Angery American’. On Twitter, @theAngeryAmerican and on Instagram as "Angery American". He also has a YouTube channel under the same name.

Feel free to reach out, as he enjoys meeting and talking with those interested in survival in all its forms.

Chris currently lives in Florida on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with his wife of twenty-six years and his thirteen-year-old daughter, 'Little Bit'.

Don Porter, also known as “Sootch”, has been the producer of the Sensible Prepper YouTube Channel since 2011 and Sootch Gun & Gear Reviews YouTube Channel since 2008.

He has held a number of Prepper Conferences and also has spoken at many other conferences in the Southeast. 

His Sensible Prepper channel goes into many Survival Uses for everyday household items and different Prepping ideas from gear reviews to how to set up your Bug Out Bag.

He's an avid outdoorsman and spends a lot of time testing gear in the field. 

Don is based out of South Carolina and has a wife and three children. He's been a full time reviewer for the past Six Years.

Tim MacWelch, has been a survival instructor for more than 20 years, training people from all walks of life, including members from all branches of US Armed Forces, the State Department, DOD and DOJ personnel.

He is a frequent public speaker for preparedness groups and events. MacWelch has been writing for Outdoor Life magazine for almost a decade, and for OFFGRID magazine since issue #2.

He is also the author of three New York Times Bestselling survival books, and the new Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Manual.

When he’s not teaching survival or writing about it, MacWelch lives a self-reliant lifestyle with his family

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

The threat of natural disasters caused by ice storms, hurricanes, floods, tornados and wildfires present an over-whelming challenge for millions of Americans every year, causing hardship and even loss of life…

Then there’s the ever-increasing danger from man-made threats like home invasion, foreign and domestic terrorism and the catastrophic loss of life that could result from something like an EMP or nuclear blast.

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous and perilously unpredictable and we believe it’s vital that every person acquire the necessary skills to not only prepare to survive, but thrive when disaster strikes.

And to help as many people prepare as possible…

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